Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seattle sketching: misc Sketchbook entries.

Sunday, Sept 28th.  When I was on the Ferry going over to Seattle to go drawing at the Sunday UW figure drawing session (see previous post), a woman came up to me and gave me a ticket to that day's Mariners game.  It was the last game of the season, and the Mariners had a small chance to still make the playoffs with one last win.  Wow, what a score!  Here is my sketch during the game.
Safeco Field! 

Der Blokken
This was from 2 weeks ago, but I missed scanning it.  I went to the Beremerton local Brewery, Der Blokken, after taking a nice walk across the Manette bridge.  It was a beautiful, warm, summer day, with a spectacular sunset.  Der Blokken is a very small brewery, women run, owned and brewed.  They make fantastic beer. 

More Sunday Drawings: UW figure group.

Sunday Sept. 28.  Figure drawing at the UW figure group. 
Our model was Sharon, emphasis on the o.

I really like this group, it was my third Sunday in a row.  I don't know many of the artists, but everyone is friendly, engaged in their art, and most are regulars.  They switch moderators every other week, and they mix up the pose times, sometime leaning too much on quick gestures but not as much as at the Art/Not Terminal sessions.  One moderator plays better music than the other, but both are quiet enough that my iPod can sustain me just fine if I don't like it.  Hey, at least there is music!  It's not like drawing at the UC session in kroeber hall in that regard.

Guess I really just like the room, it feels like art school.  I liked this model a lot, when she started out her facial expressions were so severe I was not sure she was really enjoying herself but I guess that is just how she works.  Between sessions she was very chatty and pleasant and knew most of the artists well.
2 min gesture.

2 min gesture.

2 min gesture.

2 min gesture.

2 min gesture. Sharon brought along this large terracotta bowl, which seemed mysterious at the beginning yet became a miraculous prop!

2 min gesture. Washes added later.

2 min gesture. Washes added later.

2 min gesture. Washes added later.

2 min gesture.

2 min gesture.

2 min gesture. And yes, this pose was as much fun to draw as it looks!

2 min gesture.

2 min gesture.

5 minutes. I will get around to adding some washes eventually...

5 minutes.

5 minutes.

15 minutes. One of my favorites.

last pose, three 20 minute periods.  1st 20 mins.

last pose, three 20 minute periods.  2nd 20 mins.

last pose, three 20 minute periods.  3rd 20 mins. I almost did not do this drawing, I contemplated leaving early because I did not feel like there was anything I could get, plus I had a ticket for the Mariners game and did not want to be too late.  Man, I am glad I stayed and kept drawing.  This is one of my favorites from the day!  Made it to the  Mariners game by the 4th inning, all good!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Life Drawing at the UW Sunday group

At the previous life drawing sessions I started drawing the gestures with my multi-colored Aristachrome pencils, but today I just dove in with the pen and ink, and I found the results more satisfying. These done with my Noodlers Ahab fountain pen and Noodlers Nightshade ink. 

2-3 minute gesture

Two 2-3 minute gestures. I liked the idea that maybe it was two models.

two 2-3 minute gestures

2-3 minute gesture

several 2-3 minute gestures overlapped

2-3 minute gesture

2-3 minute gesture

5 minutes, adding a little washes

5 minutes, adding a little washes

I really liked this one! great pose.

5 minutes, adding a little mood.

15 minute
I think this was still a 5.
20 minutes

Friday, September 26, 2014

Seattle Sketch Pistols!

Thursday, Sept 25. Sketch Pistols!  After nearly two weeks of Icon making it was nice to get out and draw.
Sketch of the sky over West Seattle, from the Ferry Kaleetan, from Bremerton.

First sketch at the Belltown bar, Bell + Whete.  Not much to see, but a nice place. Great waitress, and she liked my Bone doggy t-shirt.  

Free sketching during the full tilt portion of Sketch Pistols!

Post Pistols, at the Pike with just Dave and Mark.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Figure Drawing at the UW.

The figure drawing group at the UW has long been a favorite place for me to drop in on.  Here are some drawings from Sunday, Sept 14.  So far the Seattle groups tend to favor a ton of quick sketches, a little to many for my liking.  I prefer just 20 minutes of quick warm ups.  The 20 + minute poses allow for more details.

5 minutes

5 minutes

20 Minutes
40 minutes.

Here is another set of Seattle Sketches.  Over several days I visited some of my favorite places, the Elliot Bay book store, Elysian Brewing on Pike, the Fry Art Museum, and some new places, such as the Elliot Bay Brewing co. Public House in Lake City.  
My favorite beer of the trip so far, Punkuccino Coffee Stout.

My post Punkuccino taster set.  Sadly, mostly sours that I did not care for.

Broken beer glass! The bartender made this display for me to sketch, before it was thrown away.

Later, at the Elliot Bay Public House...with my good pal Dave Adams, of Seattle Sketch Pistols, of course.

A tasty Red.

Interesting combination of Flag imagery and Taxidermy.

Again, a politically loaded Flag reference, outstanding!

When your rare and expensive Animal Rug has grown tired of you walking on it!

Later I took a walk down town, passing this homeless encampment under the I-5 Freeway.

Samuel Beckett.  A play of his is in production so his image is everywhere.  I have always enjoyed drawing his face, so craggy.

A ferry sketch, and some faces on the ferry, mostly one woman who's face I would have loved to sketch more carefully.

As the sun goes down...

Added some tone to an earlier sketch from the Henry.

Sittin' at Brouwers Cafe. An over priced, overstuffed Beer bar in Fremont.  They are more than a little full of themselves there.

Later, at the newish Outlander Pub, also fremont.

Sunday, while (not) enjoying watching the Seahawks vs the Chargers, at Big Time Brewing, University Dist.

This guy had a great face for portraiture!  I would have loved to have had a real drawing session with him.

A signature Big Time wall.

Ultra quickie of the Mountain beyond the Port of Seattle.