Friday, October 24, 2014

Okanogan Sketchbook, and back to Seattle!

Sketching at the Okanogan Barter faire. While visiting my Father we all went to the big seasonal festival, the Barter faire.  A combination of a folk music festival, a yard sale and farmers market Camp-Out!  A chance for people who live in isolated homesteads to come out and see people, buy, sell and trade, and a place for local kids to show some personal flair.  

Misc. Barter folk, two of my Dad's pals, some art and a hola hoop gal.

Barter faire chick in her barter best.

Quick sketch of the forest opposite my Dad's place.

Another, featuring Aspens hi lighted against the darker forest.  Looking due West.

Judy's horses, Quill's dog, and one of the various old Chevy's in the yard.

Mid-day horse lounging.  This horse posed for me for quite a while.  I even got in a painting.

On my way back to Seattle I stopped in my old college town, Ellensburg, for dinner and some beer tasting at Iron Horse Brewing.

Tasting at the Iron Horse Brewery.

An out-of-order set of Drawings from a few weeks past, a Visit to the Seattle Art Walk with Dave, starting at the Elysian Fields pub.

One last horse from Oroville, then back to the West side, visiting the Tacoma Art Museum.

A Rick Bartow sculpture at the Tacoma Art Museum on the left, and on the right: Reuben's Brews, Seattle. A fantastic small brewery, some of the best beers I had all trip.

The building opposite Ruben's Brews.

From a photo in the Seattle times of a UW football player and his Husky. I just thought it was such a terrific picture, I had to try to draw it. 

I finally made it to the Six Arms, another favorite Seattle hang out of mine.

Sketching at the Six arms, some of the decor.

Sketching at the Six arms, the beers.

Sketch Pistols Seattle!

Thursday, Oct 23, meeting of the Seattle Sketch Pistols!  Dave arranged for us to meet at the new Seattle Toronado.  Not quite your pappy's Toronado, but cleaned up for neighborhood consumption. Dave had a full house, 9 artist's! 
My first drawing of the night, getting a feel for the place.

Second drawing, one of the artists and a nifty light fixture (thanks to Sarah for drawing the same thing, leading me towards it as well).

Focusing in on my Beer, a Boneyard Porter, and this little Porcine skull above the bar.

Last sketches from the Toronado on the left, R and Day of the dead guy from the McMenamins' on E. Roy.

I still had an hour and a half to wait for my Boat, so I stopped off at the Queen Anne McMenamin's, probably my personal favorite place to hang out in Seattle. Had a Monkey Wrench and some Cajun Tot's before my boat.

One last glass, ow Working Man's Red, on Nitro.  A smooth and velvety delight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Life drawing in Seattle at Sir Wyatt's Studio Paradiso.

This was my first visit to Studio Paradiso in Seattle.  You can find them on MeetUp, as part of  This was a fun group of enthusiastic artists, many who obviously are regulars, but there were a few newbies like me.  I'll try to go again if I can next Tuesday before I return to California.  Our model was Sage, who has been modeling for about 4 years.
2 min gestures.

2 min gestures.

2 min gestures.

2 min gestures.

5 minutes, most washes added later.

5 minutes, most washes added later.

5 minutes, most washes added later.

5 minutes, most washes added later.

5 minutes, most washes added later.

10 minutes.

10 minutes, washes added later.

20 minutes.

20 minutes.

20 minutes.