Thursday, April 11, 2013

2nd annual Plein Air convention and Expo

Taking notes and doing some sketching, it helps me pay attention and I enjoy seeing and drawing so much, and doing battle with my hand eye coordination. Just to make things fair, I later added beer.

Monday, April 8, 2013

London, March 27th - April 6 2013.

Here are some sketches from my first visit to London!  

 SFO, waiting to leave.
 Thursday, first day in London!  These were some really cool busts decorating a new building, and a quickie of the London Underground.
 In the great auditorium of the British Museum...of course I had to spend some time with the Totem poles!
 A neat bit on a nifty old hearth, wrought of Iron, and the Salisbury Pub, near our Host house in London.
More sketches from the British Museum.  You could draw stuff in there for months!
 A sculpture in the Victoria and Albert Museum, and a girls head from the lobby of the London Museum.
 Some visitors to the British Museum, while I was having lunch from the cafe.
Sketch of a bust from the special Pompeii exhibit at the British Museum. Men's portraits at the time included the frank & beans, as it were.    
 My first real ale in London, in the Salisbury Pub. Then, my second, at the Garden Ladder, near by.
 Some faces and a quick sketch of a portrait in the Nation Portrait Gallery.
 A quickie of my sampler boarde at Brew Dog, Camden. The best beer of my visit!  
 Quickie of Cezanne's Bathers, in the National Gallery.  
 An amazing skull in the Hunterian Museum, London. The bar at the All-Bar-One, a lunch spot one day. 
Some really cool Idols from ancient London.  Seen in the London Museum.
 Sketch from the Serpentine Gallery of Yarn Sculpture, more idols, random sketches and faces in the lobby of the London Museum.
 A Sierra Nevada in London!  It did not taste as good as at home though.  But, I loved the Catsup they had at the All-Bar-One, I really wanted to find some to bring home!  The next page is some faces and a beer from our visit to the Sherlock Holmes Pub in London, before going to see Spam-a-Lot.
 A Doom Mar ale, lunch time at the Raglan Pub, after seeing the London Museum. These little wall gas heaters, with fake flames were everywhere, including pubs and our host house.  They crank out the heat too, more than you would think! 

 Fish and Chips at the Raglan, some quick sketches from the Serpentine gallery in Hyde Park.  They had the best Art book store I saw.  I could have bought 500 lbs of art books in there, all cheap!
 My god it was cold!  I really wanted to draw more, but I thought I might lose fingertips in the process, so I just took more photos. 
 Quickie of our Tour guide, Phil, on the bus to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Oxford.  
My plane, for the ride home.  Pre-distorted by the turbulence we would face just a few hours later over Iceland!  
 A fellow passenger with a fantastic face! I would have loved to drawn him more.  
 Another version of our plane.  I got there super early and had some time to kill so I drew it twice.
 Faces of my fellow passengers and a couple of airport workers on the tarmac.