Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friday drawing at Kroeber Hall.

Friday Drawing: Kroeber Hall, UC Berkeley.  March 22, 2013.
I am drawing with my trusty gold tipped Namiki fountain pen, with Noodler's Tienanmen Red ink. I use a Windser & Newton Sable watercolor brush #3 to fill in the shadows. 
Getting warmed up.  As always, I arrived during the 10 minute poses. 
 Another 10.
20 minute pose. It did not take the full 20, I was drawing in a smaller sketchbook, but it gave me time for filling in all the areas of Red.  
Two 20 minute poses. I enjoyed breaking up her figure.  This approach would be an interesting way to do some figure study paintings.    
 The last pose, which I thought was very lovely, very simple.  Sometimes I enjoy the simple poses the most.  But, my concentration was waning, so I focused on her face, which I screwed up, not once, but thrice!