Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, Aug 18th, 2011. Drawing at the Academy of Science, SF, Nightlife.

Thursday, Aug 18, 2011.  I met with Melissa and Jason at the Academy of Sciences "Nightlife" to attend their special night of "Snakes and Lizards"!  I only saw them for a little while at the Snakes & Lizzies, and then lost them in the Aquarium after we were all shoo'ed out.  I'll ask them for sketches later.  I had such a good time I had to stay up late after I got home and post my results! The picture go backwards in time as you scroll down.
At Social, Brewery and Kitchen, 9th and Irving.
I really do like the roof structure of this place.  I only captured a portion of it.  I also really like the swoop of their balcony.

At Social, Brewery and Kitchen, 9th and Irving.
Their bar.  Not quite the drawing I intended, but then, I was a little tipsy by then.
Social is at 9th and Irving.

At Social, Brewery and Kitchen, 9th and Irving.
I had lost Melissa and Jason long before I left, so afterwards I went on to the local Brew Pub (9th and Irving) by my lonesome.  It's called SOCIAL now.  I don't even remember the other names it's had.  This is at least the third brew pub in this location.  I don't know why it's been so hard to keep a place open here.  I ordered the sampler, then wondered why they were so small and insubstantial.  Later I realized that these were free!  I no longer felt any way!  I had a full pint of their Double Doozy IPA and an order of Calamari.  I should have drawn the Cali' too, before I consumed them, but, oh well!  

The Cal Academy African Hall
Then, on my way out for the night, I passed through the diorama section of the Academy.  

On my way out I came across this cool turtle! Ok, actually a tortoise, specifically, a  radiated tortoise.  

Biding time in the pottery section and with the fishes...

I need a nap!

This guy at least looked a little different!  I would  have loved to draw him more, I really did not get the details right.

Again, the fascinating feet and hands!

This little guy was amazing!  before him I tried two two others that failed, but here they are in their horrible glory.

Who monitors the monitors?

My first Drawing.  A Rhinoceros Iguana.  The humaneness of his  hands (claws? Feet?) both fascinated and horrified me as I drew them.  Even the anatomy of his legs and arms is startlingly familiar.
 Jason Courtney's Waxy Monkey!

Friday, August 12th, 2011, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, and the Sadies @ The Great American Music Hall.

Me, in the mirror of my Truck, as I waited to leave for the show.  One the right, the stage, as it awaited the musicians.

My sketch of a fan just before the show on the left, and Jesse Sykes during the first song of her bands set.

The Sadies!  Photo Illustration.  Live at the Great American Music Hall, August 12, 2011.  An awesome show.
On Friday, Aug 12, I went to see the Sadies play the GAMH in San Francisco.