Thursday, December 10, 2009

Road Trip Sketching: McMenamin's Roseburg Station

A quick sketch looking up in the Men's room. Such nice details to every aspect of the interior design!

Sketching in the Main Dining room. I just love this big cast Iron Stove!
I got to Roseburg about 4:45 or so (I had left Olympia at 11 am, I think). I quickly located the Pub and settled down for a nice dinner, a couple of beers and some drawing. It was Halloween too! So I was waited on by a Zombie French Maid.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Drawing with Dave!

I went figure drawing at the open session at the University of Washington, which I enjoyed greatly. They had a great model and it was a very comfortable group. Lots of regulars who were very friendly. They and the model have all worked together a lot and were chatting between poses.

Afterwords I went to the Big time brewery nearby to have lunch, check out the beers and watch the Seahawk game on TV.

Then I met Dave at another great Seattle tap house, The Barking dog Alehouse. This is a quick version of their logo dog and my favorite table in the bar, a great old kidney shaped table that must be left behind by what ever this place used to be before it was renovated into it's current incarnation. It, wonderfully in my opinion, does not match anything else in the place!

here is a little more of the bar itself. I was having a hard time finding something to latch on to until the bartender got up on the bar to change something on the beer list.

Location sketching in Port Orchard.

Drawn while sitting in my Truck, in a parking lot in Port Orchard. Looking across the sound, that is Blake Island on the left, South Colby on the right and Vashon Island in the distance. It was intermittently raining and clearing. Beautiful day!

I stopped to sketch these camels that live in a pasture in Port Orchard as well. these people have a two humper, in the distance on the right and this single hump camel. I don't know how happy they are to live in such a wet environment, but it sure is cool to see them there!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Wednesday Dave and I took in a figure drawing session at the Gage Academy and then went out to have a drink or two and continue drawing on location. We decided on The Dray.
The Dray is a great little beer tap in Ballard, very small, wood themed and very well run. A "dray" is apparently a term from Ireland that means a squirrel's nest, thus the woody decor.
There we enjoyed some great beers and some great music, both provided by our lovely bartender, Natasha.

My first drawing was fairly steady, while the second one, a little under the influence, flowed a little easier, we shall say! Look for the eye drawn by our bartender. Thanks Natasha!

Earlier, I drew while on the Boat from Bremerton. It was the afternoon boat, so a lot of people were napping.

On the boat home, taking the Bainbridge ferry because I stayed out later than the last boat to Bremerton, I drew these masks that are a part of the decoration of that particular boat.

I will add Dave's drawing when I can get it from him. Look to the Seattle chapter as well.

Sketch Pistols Seattle!

Check out our brother Sketch Pistols in Seattle! The Seattle chapter is organized by Dave Adams, a former Bay Area artist who was there with us from day 1, sketching and drinking our way through the bay area.

Dave and I met up for a Sketch Pistols session Wednesday, Sept 24th, to draw Nikki and Kiko, a Bossa Nova musical act that is a friend of the Pistols.
We met at the Fireside room in the Sorrento Hotel in Seattle. At left is Dave's rendition of Kiko. it was the guitarists last gig with Nikki before departing for Brazil.

Here is my drawing of the band.

The Fireside room has quite the ceiling! I gave it my best drunken go.

I was staying across the sound and sailed on the Bremerton Ferry there and back. I continued my drawing efforts while on both boats. Left is on the way to Seattle, the other is while on the way back.

I was tired and feeling more introspective and so concentrated on the issue of the Seattle Weekly that was in front of me. the Helga pictures were always my favorite works of Andrew Weyth.

Good god, I'm blogging!

Hi everybody. This is the new blog site for the original Sketch Pistols! The sketch Pistols were, are, a group of artists (Students then, Professionals now) intent on reflecting their world through their sketchbooks and the art of Reportage. We started out in 1987, or maybe even 1986, I honestly cannot remember! I started this as a Friday evening and Sunday afternoon drawing group because I really wanted to draw and I wanted to draw with my friends around me. On Fridays we would go to a cafe or bar, to draw our surroundings, ourselves and others, or whatever came to mind. We were active from 1986-1991, with sporadic activities since. I hope to add a huge archive of drawings done by all of the participating artists over the years. Recently we have been reawakening to the urges to draw, and draw a lot! Enjoy!