Monday, February 28, 2011

I was this Marathon's Poster Artist. Finally! After attending Marathons for 20 years!
10 min Watercolor w/ pencil added after, not before painting.
10 Minute Watercolor.

Some more gestures, 1 and 2 min.

10 min.

A 20 min pose.

10 minute.

the Day's first page of gestures, all 1 min.
Saturday we ventured out to Old downtown Oakland to do our Mini Pub crawl. We started out at the Beer Revolution, Oakland's newest beer destination. Followed by The Trappist, Oakland's only Belgian Brew bar, and then the granddaddy of Oakland beer, The Pacific Coast Brewpub!

Map of our Pub Crawl.

Trappist sketch on the left, Pacific Coast Brewing on the right. I had had more than a few strong beers at this point, so I could apparently no longer spell "imperial".

If there is a skull around, I'll draw it! Trying something different for me here.

Faces at the Revolution on left, Trappist Steer skull on right.

Barrels are the favored tables @ Beer Revolution.

Here are some sketches by Jason Courtney
Perhaps some Beer Revolutionaries.

I believe this is at the Trappist.
More Trappist patrons.

We were also joined by Richard Fong, Carrie Galbraith, Lucija kordic, Dean Gustafson and Alex Rosmarin, I will add their sketches later. Kevin and Tara Evans also joined us but did no sketching. Maybe next time?

Here is one of Dean's drawings from that night.
And here is another!

Big Drawing Weekend Feb 25-27. Friday.

Last weekend, February 25-27, was a big weekend of drawing! We started out on Friday doing figure Drawing at Kroeber Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.

This is my "Henry Moore-ish" treatment of our model (who was really very lovely).

Afterwards we again visited Triple Rock Brewery for some sketchbook drawing (and good beer!).

"Slacktivism" was our catchphrase of the day, talking about all our political posts on Facebook.

Big Drawing Weekend Feb 25-27.

Last weekend, February 25-27, was a big weekend of drawing! We started out on Friday doing figure Drawing at Kroeber Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.

Saturday We did a mini pub crawl through Old Oakland, visiting beer joins old and new, and Sunday spent the day at the Bay Area Models Guild Drawing Marathon, drawing fabulous models all day long.

Bay Area Sketch Pistols 2011!

It's been a long time since I have posted here, I hope there might be one or two people out there still paying attention!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Dean and I went out to draw & celebrate the arrival of my favorite colored pencils from the Czech Republic. This is the beginning of what I hope will be a revitalization of our sketch group. At the very least I feel a nice spark of fresh interest in my sketchbook drawing. I draw all the time as it is but it still ebbs and flows as far as true inspiration goes. Right now, 2011 looks like it will be a truly inspired year!

Here is Dean's fab melding of pen and colored pencil!
We were joined by Tim Gleason and Jason Courtney, I'll post some of their sketches when I get them. I will also add Dean's from that night.
More Dean!

I like the simplicity and space in this sketch.