Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Drawing: Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, Aug 9th.

Sketching with my fountain pens and brush fills.
 10 minute poses.
 20 minutes.

 My favorite from the evening.
The last pose, I rather like the way this one came out as well. kind of loopy.
Post Kroeber, Tim and I went to the Jupiter pub for some more sketching and some beers.

Kroeber hall Drawing, Friday Aug 2.

Drawing at Kroeber Happ, Friday August 2.
 All done with my Nimiki fountain pen and noodlers ink, lines drawn in Kiowa Pecan, fills done with a Windsor & Newton series 7 brush and Noodlers Tienanmen Red. 

This page drawn with my Noodlers Ahab fountain pen, Kiowa Pecan Noodlers ink.

Friday drawing, Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, July 26.

 Friday night drawing: Figure drawing at Kroeber Hall, Berkeley, then sketching at Triple Rock Brewery! July 26th, 2013, with Tim Gleason.

 20 minute pose, about 10 minutes with my fountain pen...
 Then 10 minutes with a brush pen and noodlers ink.

 I loved this woman's hair, it was epic.

On July 20th I got to visit the Mountain Winery in Saratoga Ca for the first time! (Thanks Sara) I did a couple of quickie sketches.  It was a beautiful evening, warm and with a full moon and good company.
 The winery facade behind the bands.
 The view to the south, of the full moon!
Some of the old barrels stacked in alcoves in the side of the building, and a tad of the crowd.

Some Misc. sketchbook ramblings from the last few months...
 Some faces and an impressive pen holder, seen at the 50 mason social house.  Sara and I were there for an evening of beer and drinking songs, sponsored by Dogfish Head brewery!
 Quick sketching in Emeryville...For the last few weeks I have been going out landscape painting with Tim and Robert at least once a week, early in the mornings.  This was an early Thursday morning in July.
 A couple of pages of sketches from a lecture about the figure in art, specifically, the nude.
 My friend John Lay and a few other faces in the crowd at the Cacophony book reading in Berkeley.
Sketching at Philz coffee in Berkeley, right before Dean went to Seattle for a few months.