Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday February 24
I attended the Bay Area Models Guild Drawing Marathon this morning: Here is some of what I did there.
10 minute pose.

20 minute pose.

20 minute Pose, probably my favorite from the day.

20 minute pose.

5 minute pose.

20 minute pose.

20 minute, going for color, just wish I had gotten better shapes in her face.

15 minute pose, the last of the day.

Some sketches from the 1 and 2 minute stage.
Phew!  Glad I went, even if for only half of the day. It's the first Marathon I have been too in a year.  Thanks BAMG, and their coordinator, Sonia.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Figure Drawing in 2013

Friday night drawing, Kroeber Hall in Berkeley, CA!
All of these were drawing with a fountain pen, using Noodlers Ink, Tiananmen Red and Habanero Orange. The solids are filled in with the use of a Winsor-Newton Water Colour Sable brush, #5 or #5.
Friday February 8, 2013.
Not sure what to draw?  Not interested in most of the pose, or just running out of time?   Focus on just one portion of your model and pay attention to some details that usually get lost, like the feet!

Moody, near silhouettes.

I really enjoyed the play of light on the models back.

A woman sitting next to me was very curious about the way I was drawing.  She literally asked me "how do you draw?" I explained that I was interested in the shadows, and looking for how to break down the shadows on the model into solid blocks, and was drawing the outlines of those shadows, which I would fill in later.  Here is step one... 

And here is step two.  I used two different colors of ink here, a dark red that I used  when drawing the outlines, and another lighter red where the figure went back in space.

More moody...
 Friday February 1, 2013.
Drawing at Triple Rock Brewery, after a session at Kroeber hall.

Two versions of the same pose, one on the light side, and one on the dark.