Saturday, June 11, 2016

Drawing Marine Mammals with Ray Bandar.

The Cal Academy hosted a table of Marine Mammal skulls with noted skull collector Ray Bandar, Thursday June 9th.  I visited to draw skulls.
A Quick sketch of Ray Bandar.
Ray Bandar has been a significant contributor to the Cal Academy of Sciences for many, many years.  He is retired now, but if you are interested in his life collecting animal skulls, be sure to check out the Documentary about him and his life, "A Life With Skulls".
Risso's Dolphin.

Again, with neighboring Dolphins.

Northern Fur Seals.

I took a break from the Marine Mammals to draw this small Dog Skull from another display.

Back to the Sea!

Ray was fond of pointing out the the two Elephant Seals at the end of the table were Female and Male examples that were of the same age, despite their very different scale!

The Common Dolphin was a little sleeker, a little "more dangerous" looking.

Dolphins are all nice and good, but they are assholes too.  They commonly commit "porpoiscide" by ganging up on smaller Harbor Porpoises like this one and Murdering them, apparently for fun. 

English Bulldog skulls are horrifying! 

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