Sunday, November 16, 2014

Skull sketchbook full!

Sunday November 16, I filled the sketchbook today!  It was an exciting day at the Academy, just a little more than an Hour to finish up the last few empty pages with skulls.

A return to the first skull I drew in the exhibit.  thye Walrus is the second skull you encounter when entering the room, just on the left of the door. The Tusks came out way too short, I did not place the drawing high enough.  

Another version, I got the length of the tusks better on this one, but I think they are still a little short.

The back view of the Giraffe skull, before adding the washes.

"Raffe" after the washes...
The Elephant skull, from behind.  The line work was done back in June, I added the washes today.
The back cover!

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